Panini Internazionale, the best salad ever

In shortcut I would say- healthy fastfood. So far, I have tried only their salad, but so far, so good. I am amazed. I feel we gonna be good friends soon.

The cost of the salad was similar to the price of standard lunch in Stockholm. I was a bit sceptic. Especially, it was my first business lunch in Stockholm so I have to eat with the approach “it is a business trip so I eat well”. So no shortcuts. Normal prices. Well, “normal” is not the best word. “Standard swedish lunch prices” suits better 😉 Anyway, my doubts were unnecessary. It was actually the best salad I have eaten so far! Amazing quality of ingredients, I felt more nourised immediately 😉

Salmon was a main ingredient. Then lettuce, red cabbage, baked vegetables, dried apricots, some herbs, pomegrenate, feta dip, lentils, quinoa…
I have an impression it is the ideal meal for me. I was full, but I haven’t eaten too much. I was happy and smiled. This is my place!

Panini offers also heat up ready meals. Maybe I will try that in winter (almost whole year is a winter so I am sure there will be good time for that), so fat salads are the best ever. But I also need to try wraps.


I think that I may miss the quality of swedish food. But shhh… This is just a beginning of my Stockholm’s adventure.

Panini Internazionale, Stockholm, Kungsgatan 25