This is one of the cutiest place in Stockholm I have visited. Very ellegant. Good quality food. A buffee. Good coffee. A lot of gold. Place definately to be. And enjoy having lunch.

The interior  is just perfect. I totally felt in love with it. This is the place I was looking for. You just like to stay there and just be.

For lunch, buffee is  available. With bread (including the one I could die for), variety of salads, a few main dishes  (this time lasagne, salmon, some meat), cheese, coffee, tea, dessert.
The quality of food is good. I especially liked the lasagne, the bread or more like crackers with seeds, salmon was soft and wet- very tasty.

It is a place you can take your grandmother in, come for a date and enjoy the interior.
One of my favorites in Stockholm.


Kungsgatan 45