The most expensive house in Sweden-Hallwylska Museet

Is it worth visiting?
It is not must see. It is pretty, nice, interesting. If you like antiques, old, expensive interiors (late Victorian) then yes and pick a time with a guide session.
If you cold because it is freezing outside- that is good place to warm up. Part of it is free.

There was a rich couple who decided to donate their winter house to the people.
That rich couple was Count and Countess von Hallwyl and it was donated in 1920, and a few years later started being a museum, what  Wilhelmina planned before.

The architect didn’t have any budget restrictions- this makes Hallwyl House one of the most expensive private houses ever build in Sweden (1.5 million SEK in 1898).

It is very nice to travel in time and see life from more than hundred years ago, frozen, as building  Hallwyl House was started  in 1893. It was created as an office of the count and art collection of countees.

I wouldn’t mind to have a such winter house 😉 would you?

The part of the museum is free. The rest is paid and with guide.

More information
Hallwylska museet
Hamngatan 4
S-111 47 Stockholm

There is a open air restaurant- I plan to go there with in summer.

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