I would say that it is not that easy to find a good Indian restaurant in Stockholm. But finally, here it is!
I have tried one before (Mandira Indisk Restaurang) and definately it was blah…I have asked my colleagues who are Indian, they say ‘no good Indian restaurants in Stockholm’, so I gave up. But one day, rushing for sushi at Hattori Sushi we felt a pleasant smell from one crowded place. It was Indian, we though.
I have started from curry, few days later flatbread and later, shrimp salad. All of meals- perfect and delicious. I just loved them! A but spicy, plenty of herbs, strong and delicious aroma. It is a place to be.
If you like Indian food, it is really place to visit. If you don’t like then as well, you may fall in love with the delicious curry.
Sankt Eriksgatan 116