Meatballs for the people

To be in Sweden and not try meatballs? It is a sin. We had to quickly make up.
I need to admit I believe more each day in my ability to find good places with food. This meatballs were perfect.
We started from… finding a place to sit. The waitress informed us that all places are booked or there is not enough sits. So we find the table by ourselves. And here is the tip: book a table or look. Swedish?? Are a bit lazy- they don’t care and don’t want to help you tremendously. Everything took ages- cleaning the table, bringing water, glasses, menu… blankets we brought by ourselves as we were dying from cold.
We started from starters.
Vegetables chips( I have never eaten better ones), tasty olives, small meatball burger. Everything tasty and nicely served.
I ordered meatballs in DeLuxe version. I asked the waiter how many meatballs it on the portion. 8. And for you think it is small amount? Oh no, for me eating 8 meatballs for dinner was a big challenge. But tasty challenge. My meatballs were mixed (different kinds of meat) and really delicious. Along with purre, shitake mushrooms, a few greaves and red wine souce tasted perfectly. I have eaten everything even though I was full that there were no space for the dessert.
Place definately worth recommending. And booking. Not perfect service is recompensed by good food. Place to go!
 Nytorgsgatan 30