I love vegan restaurants! Not only because of health reasons, but also for inspiration and good energy! I wish everyone would go and taste! Sometimes I force my friends to try, but only for the first time. The next time it is them who want to go 🙂

This is the blog series about vegan (vegetarian) restaurants I recommend. The rest I wrote about you can find HERE.

This post is about the vegan restaurant I visited during my trip to Lviv.

I come back from Ukrainian mountains (which I HIGHLY recommend) through Lviv. So I had to visit a vegan restaurant. Obviously!



Green raw vegan vegetarian vege food restaurant Lviv (4)

I visited Green- delicious and pretty vegan place.

I had Green salad (lettuce, spinach, cucumber, green peas, avocado, cashew sauce), carmel gelato (tofu, coconut butter, cashews, mango puree) and green smoothie (spinach, banana, …).
All of the items were delicous!


Br.Rogatynciv, 5


I vivited only one ‘green’ place in Lviv so far. If you have any recommendation, please share!

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