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I love vegan restaurants! Not only because of health reasons, but also for inspiration and good energy! I wish everyone would go and taste! Sometimes I force my friends to try, but only for the first time. The next time it is them who want to go 🙂

This is the blog series about vegan (vegetarian) restaurants I recommend. The rest I wrote about you can find HERE.

This post is about the best vegan restaurants in Warsaw.

Youmiko Vegan Sushi

Youmiko Vegan Sushi wegan vegetarian restaurant warsaw sushi (2)

Usually I hear ‘Vegan sushi? I want the normal one’. But just after the first visit, everyone who wants to go for sushi wants to visist Youmiko. It is not the vegan alternative to sushi, it is just amazing sushi for everyone. You don’t know what to expect, you just order the type of sushi and the rest…  you will see. ‘Must be’ for Warsaw natives, friends, visitors. For EVERYONE!

Youmiko Vegan Sushi

Hoża 62, Warszawa

Veg Deli

I heard my boyfriend recommending this place to our male friend. They are both meat lovers and do not talk about restaurants 😉 This is an argument for everyone to try. The place is spacious, food is perfect and delicious, filling and with perfect seasoning. (Vegan/vegetarian restaurant)

Veg Deli

Radna 16, Warszawa


wegeguru wegan vegetarian restaurant warsaw lunch
Delicious food, kind service, comfortable interior. I recommend menu from the card, as well as lunch menu. Food is full of colours and tase. I took here people from work and I heard ‘That was an excellent idea to come here!’. I cannot agree more.


Marszałkowska 28, Warszawa

Stay tunned! I love vegan food and I will post more 🙂

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  • Jack Carlson

    Good and tasty dishes can be ordered in Warsaw, at the Bubbles restaurant, ask about the offer, I ordered through some portal, but I don’t remember which one. If you will call them, they will certainly tell you how to order. You can order almost everything from the menu.